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Hex Fuser: Random LoL build

Hex Fuser is a feature-rich build randomizer, providing an enhanced and up-to-date randomization experience for League of Legends players.

Key Features:

Why the Name Hex Fuser?

Hex Fuser was chosen to reflect the fusion of diverse elements and the unpredictable nature of our randomizer. The 'Hex' signifies the magical and mysterious, while 'Fuser' represents the blending of different components. Together, they capture the essence of the exciting and ever-changing experience our randomizer offers.

How to Use:

  1. Click the options you want to randomize
  2. You can select specific options by clicking them, like if you want a specific champion you don't need to randomize champions until you get it, scroll to the champion and click it, champions are sorted alphabetically.
  3. Ideally start from top to button, random position, random champion, random skin, random summoner spells, random items, random runes, random challenge then random ward skin
  4. If something is too random for your preference, hit the random button again!
  5. Click the cog icons to exclude any items and tailor the randomizer to your liking, for example if you only want AD items or specific ward skins. Your choices will be saved in local storage.
  6. If you're playing with friends, open multiple tabs each with one randomizer, also party mode is coming soon!

Experience the Fun Now!

Don't settle for the ordinary. Try Hex Fuser and spice up your League of Legends matches with unpredictable and exciting randomizations!